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2018 Load Restraint Guide Now Available

February 6, 2018

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5 Reasons why you should be using a cargo net on your ute

September 3, 2016

Cargo nets are important because they prevent items from moving around in your ute tray or flying out during transport. They are widely used and recommended for industrial use, by mining companies, and also for recreational use to stabilise loads.



What is a cargo net?

A cargo net is type of restraint net made from thick material interlocked or woven together in a net pattern to ensure strength. Cargo nets usually have ropes, straps, buckles, or hooks extending from corners and around the edges to help you secure it to the vehicle.


1.    Three ways cargo nets ensure safety and increase security

Cargo nets increase the security of your items. Not only from falling off the back of your ute, but also from damaging other vehicles, from your debris causing road accidents or delays, and also prevent your debris from inuring other road users. Cargo nets also assist in ensuring the safety of your load from opportunistic or planned crime. By providing the extra layer of cover over your ute tray, you’ll ensure it’s much harder for thieves to grab items from your tray and run off. Cargo nets also do not damage your load items as much as restraints such as rope can. Rope doesn’t give much under pressure, and when your items are tied down tightly, you can often find rub marks or damage to your furniture, plants, equipment, tools, or soft items. A cargo net ensures these items are secured with the right amount of pressure with a little bit of give to ensure minimal damage.


2.    Cargo nets are strong

Cargo nets are named so as they have been used for years to transfer cargo to and from ships. When used to secure loads on your ute, they are equally as strong in ensuring that your items sit firmly whilst you travel from A to B. They are able to secure both small looser items sitting in your tray, to larger awkwardly shapes and bulky items for added peach of mind. The material which cargo nets are made out of is also very strong, withstanding harsh weather conditions and rocky driving scenarios.


3.    Cargo nets are versatile

Cargo nets have a reputation for versatility. Used for work and play, for industrial and commercial applications such as mining or horticulture, to residential day-to-day transport needs. Cargo nets ensure that your load doesn’t end up as debris flying around Perth roads. They ensure that what you’re carrying will be secure in the event of a collision, rocky surfaces, or even a simple speed bump in suburbia. Their use is not limited to utes also, with trucks, 4WD’s, cages, trailers, boats, and box trailers also benefiting from the security and versatility of a cargo net.


4.    Cargo nets are easy to use

Cargo nets are made to be anti-tangle, can be stored in your ute, are quick to get out, quick to pack away and make it easy to strap down your load on the go. Just throw it over your ute tray, secure in place,  and roll on to your next stop conveniently.


5.    Cargo nets abide by the law  

Laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing in Perth and Western Australia when it comes to the restraint of your loads. A cargo net is sure-fire way to ensure that your load is secure. If you’re found guilty of negligence and your items do become unsecured, you can face a fine of up to $1000 and a potential court case.


Travel confidently, legally, and securely with quality cargo nets in Perth a Protect A Load. Contact us at today or call 9256 5200 to speak to our team.  

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