The AMS Ratchet Winder is the essential load strap accessory. This heavy duty mobile device is as simple to use as a fishing reel and rewinds ratchet straps to a convenient coil in only seconds.


Rewinding ratchet straps is a time-consuming process and usually means they end up being kept unwound; which leads to them becoming entangled and knotted. Over time these unkempt straps become dishevelled & are liable to fray, they also take up much needed space.


The AMS Ratchet Winder provides the best solution to this problem which saves you valuable time & money rewinding straps in a matter of seconds - with one hand (left or right user available)


Suitable up to 50mm wide straps and to 13m length.

Rewinding straps is time & money. Save yourself! 


Price is GST inclusive

ASM Strapwinder